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Value Services supervises and facilitates all NBN Ready Application requirements which comprise of NBN connection, NBN new development application, NBN builder application, and many more. Value Services focuses on client satisfaction. In your newly-built home, both your fixed line internet and landline phone services will be delivered over the National Broadband Network (NBN). Value services are here to assist you with any changes in construction design with NBN Ready Application.

Prior to applying for an NBN new home connection, ensure to have these pre-requisites:

  • Where you need the NBN connection, make sure that the address is most recent. Ensure that the address is listed on Council Documents with no prior NBN connection.
  • It is crucial to provide information on NBN’s new development Application. It is important to know the details of the number of connections you need. Whether it is a single connection or multiple connections, this information is pivotal.
  • You ought to provide details about the NBN builder application. It is of utmost importance to explain the building plans including electrical, structural, and other pathway designs.
  • All the developer details are required to connect NBN to the new house. You will have to transfer the developer contribution charge in advance for a smooth NBN connection.

To have a hassle-free NBN Connection experience you must follow the below steps:

1. It is recommended that you plan early because a minimum of 3 months’ notice is required for small developments which comprise of subdivision of an existing lot. There is another 6 months’ notice needed before the extensive work which is to be done.

2. The NBN pit & pipe design application will be submitted. The infrastructure of lead-in Conduits (LIC), pit and pipes, or pathways will be designed according to NBN standards and building requirements.

3. Once the NBN plans have been approved you can start building the NBN infrastructure within your development.

4. Once the layout is fully ready, we will submit the NBN Ready application and a notice of practical completion to NBN Australia. Further NBN Australia will conduct a site inspection to make sure that the infrastructure is built according to the basic standards required. Then it will provide a certificate of practical completion of the site inspection.

5. Once NBN has completed the installation of the access network to the property boundary. They will perform quality assurance tests to prepare the site for the connection. This means that you can contact your internet service provider about connecting you to the NBN access network.

Advantages of using an NBN trained designer:

Our NBN-trained designers are very professional in their work, comprising of years of experience in the telecommunication industry. They have been thoroughly trained in providing an efficient NBN network. The developer is responsible to make sure that the infrastructure meets all the standards as per the requirement. They are responsible for a thorough site inspection before certifying. Only after certification of approval, the NBN-trained designer can guide you through the next steps. Our NBN-trained designer can guide you in meeting the required standards and avoid unnecessary delays. This will aid in saving a bulk of money on additional fees for redesign and additional inspections. The professional NBN designer will decide if only Lead in Conduit is required or more complex design is needed which includes NBN pit & pipe, or, network pathway is required. The NBN design will provide you with a building design that will include all the mandatory details. It will be used as a reference by NBN to build their corresponding network in the streets.

Value services provide explicable pit and pipe installation services. We install lead in conduit, pit and pipe, and many more which will adhere to the NBN Australia standards which include following the rules to install conduits in the correct alignment/depth, bend radius, entry into pits, the orientation of conduits and pits, and many more. Before handing over the pit and pipe to NBN we also do a Mandrel test. It is important to pass this particular test. This test is required for all the conduits installed above 20mm and runs a correction test on all the conduits where the mandrel test is not passing. All the advanced material used by Value Services compliant with AS/NZS standards.


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