HVAC & Facilities Management


Value Services has an experienced team of HVAC engineers and technicians, we understandthe challenges of servicing complex, multifaceted facilities and our ability as a multi-serviceprovider is proven across customers from a variety of sectors including engineering,telecommunication, hospitality, banking, commercial, and manufacturing. Our integratedfacilities management solutions are win-win solutions. Our approach is tailored around thecustomers’ unique needs. We aim to deliver a reliable and consistent quality solution thatsaves you both time and money.

Our approach is to serve our clients in a proactive problem-solving space. Our team thinksoutside the box and offer valuable guidance and input from design, through tomaintenance. With our team’s over 10 years of cumulative experience and expertise in theheating and cooling industry, we ensure your business is comfortable with your heating andcooling systems so you can be stress-free. YOU can depend on a cost-effective, reliable andefficient service that goes beyond customer expectations, which includes:

  • Supply, installation, changeovers, removals, refurbishments, rebuilds ventilation andair conditioning systems
  • HVAC system designs.
  • Ducting systems.
  • Comprehensive air quality service
  • Ventilation systems.
  • Exhaust and dust control systems.
  • Service and maintenance.

Our proven experience and engineering skills provide quality services for the maintenanceand management of assets and facilities, providing our customers with:

  • Long-term mutually beneficial and trusted partnerships;
  • Utilization of market expertise, innovation and sustainability initiatives;
  • Effective use of limited capital with a proven asset management methodology thatmaximizes saving

Our Facilities Management Team drives continuous improvement by harnessing ourexperience and expertise to bring new ideas and market intelligence. Because we customizeour model to suit customer needs, we are enabled to respond to changing customerrequirements and give them confidence in achieving their desired outcomes by backing ourability to deliver results

Planned Preventative Maintenance

We always recommend our clients invest in a comprehensive preventative maintenanceprogramme that enables them to maximize the efficient running of their HVAC / mechanicalplant. Our team of qualified Service contractors and Technicians work to prolong the life ofcritical equipment, meaning customers have fewer unplanned maintenance events andreduced long-term costs of ownership.A preventative maintenance programme guarantees a more reliable system, reducesoperating costs by maintaining efficiency and identifies small problems before they cause asystem failure or other loss of production time. Downtime caused by system or equipmentfailures can represent a major cost for production and disruption to any business.

A comprehensive preventative maintenance programme will:

  • Increase asset reliability and reduce downtime;
  • Increase the life expectancy of assets;
  • Improve safety and quality conditions; and
  • Improve energy usage.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Value Services can evaluate and analyse new and existing assets to provide clients with the information required to make decisions on whether it’s better to replace, rather than repair an asset nearing the end of its lifecycle. Our approach to asset lifecycle management considers the following:

  • Original equipment manufacturers’ maintenance specifications;
  • Remaining useful life;
  • Extendable life;
  • Business impact from failure;
  • Replacement value; and
  • Run to fail lifespan and cost avoidance if appropriate.

Refurbishment and Replacement

Our team of highly skilled Service Technicians carries out repairs, parts replacement, reassembly and upgrades, while maintaining and enhancing the original functionality and performance specifications.

Refurbishments include, but are not limited to

  • Reconfiguration of equipment layout;
  • Repair/replacement of worn and damaged components;
  • Cleaning of salvageable existing equipment; and
  • New structures and support.

Our team of expert qualified Service Technicians and engineers can analyse the system’s performance and when necessary, replace worn-out equipment and systems with one that is specifically matched to the customers’ needs.

Our equipment replacement capabilities include:

  • System analysis and diagnosis;
  • Alternative system solutions;
  • Energy-efficient design;.
  • Expert project management; and

Facilities Maintenance

Value Services develop a strategic Maintenance and Operations plan to match the Client’s business objectives. The program may comprise:

  • Establishment and management of maintenance of HVAC assets.
  • Asset Register establishment and-or updating
  • Capital Expenditure development and ongoing management
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • On-site operations management
  • Documentation management
  • Energy management
  • Water consumption management
  • Fit-out liaison
  • Financial Management
  • Project management of capital and non-routine maintenance works.


Value Services will be operating normally as per theĀ  WA Government's Covid-19 guidelines.